<font size="7">OPENED 28 OCTOBER l Mu mở cửa ngày 28/10/2014
Đây là Mu mới ra hợp tác giữa Việt Nam và Turkiye >> tạo nên bước đột phá mới trong làng game mu online. Đặt biệt là ko Donate cash shop nhe... Free 100% .
Mu mang tính chất vui vẻ giải trí.
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Server is a SUCCESS! We started from the beggining with more than 400 people online. Now we are more than 500!
Join us, you'll enjoy the server!

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If you have problems, please contact us sending a private msg to https://www.facebook.com/HoiQuanMuNuocNgoai or https://www.facebook.com/mserverr
Server Info:

Files: Season 6 Episodio 3
Web: http://inspiremu.net/
Forum: https://www.facebook.com/HoiQuanMuNuocNgoai or https://www.facebook.com/mserverr
Monster HP: 100%
Exp: 500x.
Points /lvl : 5 / 7
Host: 1gbps with protection DDoS to 30GBPS. (EXCELENT)
ON: 24/7
Lag: 0

Reset System: https://www.facebook.com/HoiQuanMuNuocNgoai

Reset lvl: 400
Max resets: 200
Cost: 150.000.000
How to reset: website
Master lvl max: 200
Reset mode: keep stats. Max Stats: 65000
Prize: Reward item every reset.
More information you can find on our website & forum. Game Info: Gens & Duel System [Original Like] Duel Buff Prize for the Winner Gens Map: Vulcanus NON-PVP Server, PVP Server, Castle Siege Server Raklion Event: gives season 4 items (best you can get: 3opt+luck+5empty sockets- low rate) All Other Events: season 3 items (best you can get: 3opt+luck-low rate) Many automated events to get good items (also a lot of forum events with In-game Prizes) Lvl 5 Spheres Drop on highg maps(but also very low rate) Poor shops (no quest items, no jwls, etc)

İNSpiremu Team

OWN The Game KarayaK [ Himmet BozoğLu ]

TR Administrator MeGoLa



VN Administrator BaDien



Blood Castle: Online
Devil Square: Online
Chaos Castle: Online
Castle Deep: Online
Crywolf: Online
Imperial Fortress: Online
Kanturu: Online
Dimensional Mirror: Online
Ilusion Temple: Online
Castle Siege: Working 100%

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More info:

Balanced PVP system.
All Maps, Npcs y Mobs
All skills working.
Dimensional mirror and Imperial Fortress running for LVLs.
Goblin points system available.
Duel system 100%.
Santa Village.
Skill Tree 100%.
Socket system.
Skill Tree RF.
Event Doble Goer.
Event Imperial Guard.
Event Santa Village.
Skill Tree Summoner.
Items +14 y +15
Drops GMO like.
You can disconnect your friend's characters.

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Game server free PK so have FUN
Vietnam + Turkiye = INSPIREMU . thanks
mu moi ra open tại https://www.facebook.com/HoiQuanMuNuocNgoai
Help us with publicity inviting your friends!
There's people from all over the world!