Greetings everyone!
Long time ago Avangard has started a discussion about opening own server where everyone could be happy, afk, hunt, pk, spend great time with friends and so forth. We all know how annoying it is to jump from one server to another without any knowledge of when the next server is going to die.
BUT!.. on 13th November we started Open Beta and announced the official start on 1st December.
Server going to be low rates = 8% exp and 30% drop with 3 kind of premiums – bronze, silver and gold PLUS sub-server for GOLD members. Main server pvp, Gold-Sub is non-pvp. No pkclear chances (except silver and gold members: for a certain amount of Goblin Points that you earn from being online). We will add some new features to make game exciting and full of adventures.
We are using zTeam premium files with subscription, which means we will get monthly updates and customs.

Detailed *info:
*Z-Team Server Premium Files
*Exp: 8x (custom in several maps)
*ML Exp: 8x (custom in several maps)
*Drops: 30%
*Max Level: 730
*Jewel Success Rate: Soul 50% | 75% , Jewel of Life 50% ( up to +16 only )
*Chaos Machine Rate:
+10 = 50 (raised on sub)
+11-13 = 45% (raised on sub)
+14 = 40% (raised on sub)
+15 = 35% (raised on sub)
Luck + 20%
*Balanced Pvp+Pvm
*No FO items
*Castle Siege every weekend
*Unique Boss & Premium System
*Offtrade System
*WebMarket System
*New Xshop items
*Goblin points for online time
*Live Support

Online Events::
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Arca War (coming soon)
White Wizard Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
Nightmare Event
Ilussion Event (coming soon)
Gaion Event
Doppleganger (Mirror)
Chaos Castle
Kundun ( k6 & k7)
Medusa (coming soon)
Weekly Castle Siege
Crywolf Event
Loren Deep Event

Custom Side::
New Vulcanus Bosses with unique drop (Ancients low %)
Detailed mini map with showing spots
New accessory
Off-trade system
Doubled DS mobs
Custom BC reward
Party Leader Switch
Debenter Map
Web Market
Monthly Rewards

New s8 Features::
More improved elemental system
New Pentagrams!
New Sets and Weapons
New Map and Mobs
New UI
New Event Wings
Elemental PVP System
Party / Guild Matching
New market search
New personal shop (jewels and zen)
New transformation rings
Socket Mix System

Server Specs::
CPU Intel Xeon
Cores/threads: 6/12t
Frequency/burst: 3,5 GHz+/3,9 GHz+
RAM 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
Bandwidth: 500 Mbps
Traffic: Unlimited
Burst: 1 Gbps

Web www.avangardmu.com

Bronze: 2500 Credits
Exp - 10x
Drop - 35%
no sub-server

Silver: 3500 Credits
Exp - 12x
Drop - 40%
Extra PK reset command (price: 1o0 Goblin Points)
no sub-server

Gold: 5000 Credits
Exp - 14x
Drop - 45%
Extra PK reset commands (price: 1o0 Goblin Points).
have access to sub-Gold server

Gold Sub-Server benefints:
CM rates raised by 10%
DS / BC higher exp
Increased Jewel Drop
Higher Condor Crystal drop from Events
Better medal drop
4 Mobs posts
Bigger Golden Invasion

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